Industrial Metal Lockers: Features and Uses

Industrial metal lockers provide durable storage and keep important items within quick reach. With industrial cupboards you can securely and safely store an array of things, from personal belongings to dangerous and hazardous substances. Industrial lockers are capable of storing both large and small items. There is a variety of industrial cupboards to choose from, each with their own, unique features and uses.

Where are industrial metal lockers used?

Industrial metal lockers can most likely be found within labs, warehouses, offices and other similar areas. They mainly act as a safe and secure storage solution for the use of a variety of items. They are generally used to store everyday items, tools, overalls and important files. In these environments there’s a high demand for quality industrial metal lockers and cupboards which are designed to be strong and durable, enabling them to withstand a variety of tasks.

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Features of industrial metal lockers

Industrial metal lockers have a multitude of uses and serve many purposes. At Lockershop UK, we provide a wide range of different industrial metal lockers and cupboards to suit every space and environment. Each of our industrial metal lockers offer an extremely strong solution suitable for commercial and office environments. All Probe products have been manufactured, to the highest standards in the UK since 1960. All of the cupboard components are manufactured from mild steel and are powder coated with Activecoat. This is effective against MRSA and other harmful bacteria. The coating is long lasting and suitable for all kinds of environments.

Industrial cupboards are available in a variation of colours, shapes, and sizes. It’s important to make sure that you select an industrial storage unit that will be big enough to hold all the items, tools and materials that you need in the workplace.

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Types of industrial cupboards

At Lockershop UK, we offer an extensive range of industrial cupboards to choose from, each built and designed for its own, unique purpose. Each option can be used in a variety of environments and provide a safe and tidy storage solution. The range we offer includes standard industrial cupboards, tool industrial cupboards and industrial wardrobes, amongst others.


If you or your business could benefit from industrial metal lockers or cupboards then you are in the right place. With a wide section of cupboards to choose from, there is a solution to meet each and every individual’s needs. Our team will help you in the product decision and design through our “Free Design & Quotation” service which is backed up with our professional and comprehensive delivery and installation service. To find out more about our industrial metal locker selection, please contact us at 01244 940906 or email

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