Steps to keep the freshness of your storage solutions alive for years!

Storage lockers have been a man’s best friend from the time man started collecting and storing things. With time it evolved to a beautifully designed piece of furniture that has almost become ubiquitous in nature. You can encounter variety in design, shapes, size, structure as well as materials – that takes care of the different needs and preferences of the customers. We can find this eminent piece of furniture in schools, offices, households and many such places where there are legions of things all awaiting to be disposed of gracefully to create space.

The person who takes care of you needs someone to be taken care, isn’t it? The lockers too need some care and guidance so that they do not loose their sheen due to carelessness or negligence. Buying storage locker is indeed a one-time investment, but taking care of it will augment its rate of returns.

Guidelines to maintain the freshness of storage lockers

Let me guide you through the steps that are sure to protect the quality of your storage lockers.

  • Set a routine to clean your storage lockers. Regular clean-ups would prevent accumulation of dirt in large quantity. Regular cleaning wards off the possibility of irreversible damage.

  • When you are cleaning make sure not to use any coarse object to wipe away the dirt. If the locker is wooden avoid using wet clothes.

  • Take time to examine the entire locker from top to bottom to find any flaw. This will encourage you can take immediate action as soon as any minor fault is observed.

  • Use mineral spirits to wipe out the white spots that is caused by the presence of water on the wooden lockers.

  • Check the doors and locks occassionally for any faults in the latches, hinges or the locks. Take immediate actions as soon as you spot any inaccuracy.

  • While cleaning metal lockers see to it that you avoid using acidic, alkaline or abrasive cleaners as this might tamper the quality of metal.

  • Similarly, the cleaning of wooden lockers should be devoid of materials that contain vinegar, wax, ammonia or silicone based ingredients.

  • Small scratches and abrasions should be taken care by generously applying a coat of touch up paint.

  • The hinges and latches should be coated with lubricants occasionally to avoid the squeakiness caused by careless handling.

  • Efforts should be taken to see to it that wooden and metal lockers UK do not come in contact with the moisture as the might get bloated or corroded with the reaction.

Final Note:

Storage lockers are a one stop solution for your storage needs, getting everything organized as well as giving a place for all the things that when left unattended results in clutter. When a storage locker has so much to give, why not spend some time in its maintenance, increasing their life expectancy. The above-mentioned guidelines are sure to protect the lifespan of your lockers if done religiously. Moreover, you could even take extra efforts to clean and maintain the quality of your storage solutions.

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