11 Different Categories of Storage Lockers to Consider

The practice of storing things have been evolving since time immemorial. This has significantly made way for a wide range of storage solutions that are designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of storage. Talking about variety, you will have a lot many options when you step out to choose the best storage option. Are you mixed up with the choices of Storage Locker For Sale? Let me familiarize you with a few types of storage options that could be considered. Read on to find out about them.

11 Different Categories of Storage Lockers

Storage Lockers to Consider

1. Standard Probe Lockers :

Standard Probe lockers would be a great choice if you are looking forward to invest in a storage solution that is par excellence. You will never fall short of variety when it comes to color or choosing a storage solution with a reliable range of compartments. These storage solutions are also available in full height, making it easy to store a plethora of things at one place.

2. Shockproof Lockers :

Are your storage solutions vulnerable to being mishandled or rough usage? A shockproof storage option would be the perfect choice to consider. This storage solution is double coated with protection so that they do not easily lose their sheen or durability due to rough handling. Coated with an additional sheet of solid grade laminate, you will be entitled to a strong storage solution in a premise that is prone to rough handling of the property.

3. Color Range Lockers :

Are you tired of the mundane or the standard color storage solutions adorning the premises? How about considering the color range locker options? These would be the perfect choice to consider if you love experimenting with wide and intense colors to enhance the aesthetics of the surroundings. Moreover, it is strongly believed that colors play an important role in affecting the energies of the surroundings. Hence, if you wish to consider investing in a particular color range, then these storage options would be the perfect choice for satisfying your needs.

4. Plastic Lockers :
Style, versatility, and elegance – these are the three ingredients that you will get from a plastic storage locker. This type of storage solution manages to find a place in office premises, schools, industrial places and even in homes. Their light-weight and convenience has garnered the much-acclaimed response in terms of popularity.

5. Mobile Phone Lockers :

Mobile phone lockers are constructed with small compartments that easily fits in the mobile devices. You also get to lay your hands on storage options that have an inbuilt charging points making it convenient to charge the mobile phones whilst they are locked inside.

6. Laptop Lockers :

Laptop lockers have become one of the most sought-after storage choices in workplaces and educational institutes due to the prominence of this electronic device. This type of storage solution ensures that the laptop is in safe custody and can be conveniently accessed as and when the need arises. You can also come across laptop storage solutions that have an inbuilt charging point to look after the safety of laptops even when they are in charging mode.

7. PPE Lockers :

Personal Protective Equipment locker provides a place to store all the necessary equipment that the workers are deemed to wear during their work hours. Safety spectacles, goggles, safety gloves, earplugs, safety helmets, etc. are some of the equipment that the workers are mandated to wear in the work premises for their utmost safety. Owing to this practice, a PPE storage option would be the best option to consider when it comes to storing workplace equipment.

8. Space-Saving Circular Locker PODS :

Space-saving circular PODS are the best storage option if you are running out of space and yet long for a storage solution. This type of storage locker is artistically designed to store things of utmost importance and relevance without eating much space. PODS have compartments arranged in a circular motion with a rotating base that makes it easy to access the storage option.

9. Specialist Lockers :

Specialist lockers are specifically designed to cater to the special needs so as to avoid investing in the huge and standard storage options. Want to safeguard the wallets? Want to keep all the important keys in one place? You have the specialist lockers tailor-made to take care of all your specific needs. Also, you could consider investing in some locker accessories for this type of storage locker to enhance its functionalities.

10. Clear Door Security Lockers :

These storage solutions are of utmost prominence in places that demand high security. A clear door security storage solution makes it easy to keep a watch on all the things that are being stored in the locker. If you wish to ace up the security of the premises then it is time to pick the most favorable solution from a huge collection of a clear door security storage locker for sale.

11. Garment and Uniform Management Lockers :

A garment and uniform locker is designed for those industries where the staff members are mandated to wear uniforms during their work hours. This type of storage solution has a double door mechanism. Under this mechanism, it allows all the compartments to be accessed by the individuals to whom the compartment has been assigned and at the same time allows it to be accessed by a single key. This makes it easy for all the members to put in the garment and also the person collecting the garments as they can access all the compartment with a single key.

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are the different types of storage solutions that you could stumble upon when you have set your foot in the world of storage solution. You will find a storage product that elegantly caters to all your storage needs and requirements. All you have to do is explore the world of storage solutions to find the perfect choice.

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