7 Different Types of School Lockers For Your Premises

Types of School Lockers

A school is a place where you will come across a lot many things; be it human beings, books, a vast amount of knowledge or the furniture that provides comfort and convenience to all these things. All these things need to find a place of their own otherwise they might end up creating clutter.

Today, let me introduce you to one such important piece of furniture that brings in a sense of discipline and organization in the school premises. The lockers in the school premises have been seeing its existence for decades. With each passing stage, this piece of furniture has evolved with the changing needs and requirements of the people.

Be it in functionality, appearance or the materials that are being used. You will stumble upon a lot many options when you step out to choose the most favorable storage solution for your school premises.

From metal to colorful door school lockers, you have a lot many options to choose from. Let me familiarize you with the different Types of School Lockers that can be taken into consideration before you make your choice.

7 Types of Lockers For Your School Premises

Here is the list of different types of school lockers that you could come across to make the perfect choice.

1. Metal locker :

This type of storage solution has been ruling the school campus for decades and they still find their existence on the school premises. Being a strong source of durability and reliability, this storage solution has always got the right amount of accolades. Available in a wide range of color and size, this piece of furniture proves to be the perfect choice for all the educational institutes. Apart from the advantages, there are certain drawbacks that are deemed to cause inconvenience. Being vulnerable to dents, scratches and rust would demand an additional maintenance to look after these vulnerabilities.

2. Water resistant locker :

The water resistant locker is yet another important option that can be seen in the school premises. With a variety in color, shape and size, this type of storage solution can ardently survive in places that are prone to moisture or water particles. If your school has a swimming pool, this storage option would be the perfect choice.

3. Plastic locker :

The plastic locker has started gaining prominence in the school premises off lately. Unlike the metal storage solutions, they are bang resistant, making way for a noise-free environment. Easy maintenance, comfort and durability are some more promising features that has made this one of the most preferred choices on the school premises. Also, one need not worry about rust or dents spoiling the shelf life of the storage solution.

4. Laptop locker :

Laptop lockers are one of the best investment options when it comes to providing convenience to students for storing their belongings. Off lately, education and technology have joined hands to make learning fun and effective. This has mandated the use of laptops in schools and university. Additionally, you will come across lockers that have charging points too. This considerably increases the comfort level of the students.

5. Personal effects locker :

The personal effects locker are yet another important storage solution that can be seen on the school premises. These types of lockers are used for special purposes. Storing first-aid kits, keeping all the keys, post and parcels, wallets, mobile phones or any other small item gets to have their own place. This type of storage solution can be tailor-made according to your requirements.

6. Bike locker :

How about providing a security to all the bikes that the students use to commute to and fro. This will not only ace up their convenience, but will also encourage more students to use bikes to commute. Apart from providing a space for storage, it immensely helps in protecting the bikes from dust particles, theft and all types of vandalism.

7. Individual compartment locker :

Compartment lockers are one of the creative and space-saving storage solutions that could be seen on the school premises. If you are running out of space or want to add a dash of creativity to the school premises, then this type of storage solution would be the best option to consider. They can be stacked one above the other or rather be moved as and when required. Available in a wide range of color, style and texture, this storage solution could be the perfect choice for your school premises.

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are the different types of school lockers that you could stumble upon the store. Apart from these, you will also come across the slim line, high visibility lockers and the list will be extended according to your needs and requirements. The type of storage solution that you wish to buy solely depends on your needs and requirements. In addition to this, you also get the privilege to customize school lockers that stands true to your needs.

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