Foolproof Tips for Designing and Maintaining a Locker Room

A swimming pool, a spa, a sports club or a gym – a locker room has always been a part and parcel of these places. With comfort and convenience being the top most priority of the members using the locker room, designing a locker room has become more challenging. The essence of modernization has taken a toll in the world of lockers. Vibrancy in colors, variety in the locker materials, the different locking systems, the infusion of technology all perfectly sums up the emerging trends that the locker world is witnessing in the recent years. All these aspects have altogether redefined the process of designing a locker room. Let me take you through some of the important points that will help you with the locker room crafting process.


Designing a locker room? Do not forget these key points

1. Technically updated lockers

Technology has entered each and every aspect of human civilization, that has eventually made way for a technologically advanced locker. Yes, you heard that right! A technologically defined locker helps in accentuating the essence of a locker room. Climate controlled storage locker, a locker with automatic lights and the list would go on. Decide as to how much of technology you would use to coat your locker room with modernization.

2. The right floor design

A locker room should not only be about lockers, rather it should be about how reasonably you design the locker room that fits in lockers as well as the comfort level of the members using it. When you have rationally planned out the floor design you will have an idea about the convenience that the user would be entitled to once the locker has been installed. Make sure that it is not too congested nor too shabbily designed. It should make the best use of the available space that makes it easy for the members to move in and out apart from using the storage lockers.

3. The type of locker

As the name suggests, a locker room is all about storage lockers that are deemed to fit in the needs of storing away the belongings of the members and also provide a space to change their clothes. One needs to be careful as to how a locker will look. The shape, design, texture, style, color and many such factors need to be given a proper thought so as to make a good decision. When it comes to material, again there is the wooden locker, steel lockers, plastic locker and electronic lockers that are ruling the current market. List down your preferences and accordingly make a choice.

4. The need of a customized locker room

A Locker comes in two forms – you can either go for the standard lockers or the customized ones, the choice entirely vests upon you. Standard lockers do come in variety but they need to be wisely picked to add vibrancy to the decor. The customized ones have to be made with respect to your needs and preferences.

5. The role of lights in a locker room

A well-lit locker room plays a significant role in bringing in convenience as well as positivity to the place. Consider illuminating the locker room with the right amount of lights. Place the lights in such a way that it covers each and every aspect of the locker room.

6. The type of locks

Security is another important feature that all those who would be using the locker would be expecting. With variety ruling the market, you could also witness variety in the different locking system. There is the padlock, electronic locks, key locks and many such options that attribute the safety of things placed inside the locker.

7. Considering the group of members using the locker room

Another important thing that you should consider is the type of members who would be using the locker room. If a majority of the users belong to the younger generation then you need to consider using lockers that are made of durable material – that has the power to withstand rough usage. Categorize the various users, understand their needs and accordingly make a decision.

How to keep a locker room well maintained at all times?

Investing in a technologically equipped storage locker should not be your ultimate goal. You should also take extra care to maintain its sheen and longevity, making the investments worth the efforts. After taking into consideration the pre-requisites of a well-planned locker room let us now go through some of the basic points that will look into the maintenance of a locker room.

  • Take measures to keep the bad odors away. A pleasant smelling place always brings in positive vibrancy uplifting the mood of the members using the locker room.

  • The germs, bacteria, molds and fungus all play a spoil sport when it comes to maintaining the quality of the locker. Hence take necessary steps to keep away these tiny intruders from captivating your lockers, affecting its glory.

  • Set a daily cleaning routine so that you will have to evade comparatively lesser dust particles the next day. Creating gaps in the cleaning process would create a problem in the maintenance process.

  • Appoint relevant staff members who will look after the cleanliness of the locker room. Assign them the duties to keep the locker room neat and clean at all times.

Final Note

Evolution has always been a part and parcel of the human civilization. It cannot be avoided, rather it should be adopted. The locker rooms too have witnessed a set of evolutions that includes the use of modern lockers, a well-maintained room and much more. Consider all the above-mentioned points for a well-defined locker room.

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