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Probe Workstations

Probe manufactures an extensive range of  Steel Workstations that are designed to provide a standing height work surface in either horizontal or sloping options. Combine this with the options of drawers and cupboard doors, they offer a fantastic way to store stationery, stock items, manufacturing parts or tools. Suitable for use in the office or factory and also well adapted for use in schools and colleges.

There is a wide choice of models available with or without drawers or doors and there is also the option of PPE and First Aid specific models which are supplied with model specific signs.

Features of Probe Workstations

Robust steel construction

The standard range of workstations are supplied with a sloping lectern work surface whilst the computer specific models are supplied with a flat top and PC and keyboard specific options. Supplied with 2 Adjustable shelves you can also opt to have pull out lockable drawers

You can also opt to have Twin door or open shelving on most models

All doors are fitted with 2 point locking

8 Models Available

1.Probe Workstation with opening doors and optional pull out drawers

2. Probe Open Front Workstation optional pull out drawers

3. Probe PPE Workstation with 2 opening doors and optional pull out drawers (Blue Doors with Silver Grey Body)

4. Probe First Aid Workstation with 2 opening doors and optional pull out drawers (White Doors with White Body)

Both the PPE and First Aid workstations are supplied with high product specific Visibility labelling on the doors

5. Computer Station with Polycarbonate vision Panel monitor cupboard  and pull out keyboard shelf cupboard. 

6. Standard Computer Cupboard

7. Workstation with BookShelf and whiteboard

8. Information Workstation with Whiteboard.