School Lockers Pass Toughest Test With Top Marks

After suffering years of physical abuse, school lockers have learned some tough lessons and become smarter. Much smarter.

The trouble with traditional lockers is that they’re just not up to the job: they don’t stand up to those people intent on giving them intense punishment on a daily basis: school kids! Whilst schools are obviously keen to develop the physical abilities of their pupils, they don’t want the building’s infrastructure to suffer in the process.

When you consider how many pupils pass through a school, college or even university and how much stuff they have, lockers need to be strong to survive. Just think: with different text books for every subject, plus electronic equipment and then all the sports kit and equipment they need, it’s not surprising that lockers get overloaded, strain at the seams and can buckle under pressure.

They have to cope with a lot of wear and tear and that’s even before you consider adolescent teenagers or grumpy, disruptive youths resentful at having received detention.

But lockers are not just vital to stow the work and personal items of pupils; they are also vital for teachers to store all their classroom equipment securely and safely away.

Trespa lockers and extreme lockers from Locker Shop UK are two solutions that tackle these problems head on.

Trespa lockers are tough, durable and built to last. They take some beating – literally. They’re a high quality steel body with an anti-bacterial powder-coated body, plus 10mm solid grade laminate inset doors to withstand bulldozer school kids, thieves and violent vandals. They are shockproof: impact-, scratch-, moisture- and heat-resistant.

Determined thieves and vandals know that lockers can be forced open by being forced inwards. Not so with Trespa’s unique anti-vandal door stop – it stops crooks in their tracks.

Extreme Plastic Lockers from Locker Shop UK are better and more hygienic than traditional metal school lockers have learned the 3 R’s: they’re Reliable, Robust and Rustproof. Made from hard wearing waterproof plastic, they can just be hosed out and left to drip dry through the drainage holes.

Extreme plastic lockers are also space saving: by stacking them outside, they save precious space inside. So they are ideal for storing sports equipment, or for use at the school swimming pools or outdoors next to cycle racks to store helmets and waterproof clothing etc.

Big numbers…

Locker Shop UK have supplied thousands of lockers to schools, colleges and universities through the UK. As well as Trespa or extreme lockers, schools can choose from over 000 of their storage solutions from steel and plastic to timber-effect or even plug-in-and-go lockers so laptops, notebooks and tablets can always stay charged.

Locker Shop UK also offer a free On-Site Survey service, free delivery, plus optional Bespoke Design and Professional Installation.

…you do the maths
Manufacturers will only recommend their own products. Locker Shop UK is independent, so they only recommend the products that are best for schools. They take advantage of the best deals, passing on the savings they make as lower prices to schools.

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