Nov 17

Lockers For Sale: Tips For Buying Metal Lockers

Metal storage lockers are one of the classic options when it comes to choosing the best storage locker. Toughness, durability and resistance are the three main features that have managed to get the maximum number of people opting for metal lockers. With a diversity of storage options floating in the market, it sometimes becomes difficult to make the right choice. To make the buying process easy let me walk you through some of the tips… Read More

Oct 13

School Lockers Pass Toughest Test With Top Marks

After suffering years of physical abuse, school lockers have learned some tough lessons and become smarter. Much smarter. The trouble with traditional lockers is that they’re just not up to the job: they don’t stand up to those people intent on giving them intense punishment on a daily basis: school kids! Whilst schools are obviously keen to develop the physical abilities of their pupils, they don’t want the building’s infrastructure to suffer in the process.… Read More