5 Precautions to Keep Your School’s Staff Room Lockers Clean

A staff room in a school is a place where all the teachers gather together either for knowledge sharing or taking a well-deserved break. These rooms are filled with adequate lockers to store important files, books and school supplies. How about looking after its maintenance? A well-maintained staff room locker sets a great example for all the students as they become responsible towards their respective lockers. Keeping the staff room lockers clean is no rocket science; all it requires is discipline, consistency and understanding the importance of hygiene. To be precise, let me take you through a list of things that will help you in maintaining cleanliness of these lockers. Read on to find out about them.


Precautions to keep your school’s staff room lockers clean :

1. Avoid piling up of clutter :

Books and paperwork; that’s what you will find these staff room lockers loaded with. Make sure that you arrange them in order from the very beginning. Also, see to it that you generously dispose of all the stuff that is no longer needed. This will avoid unnecessary clutter piling up. Apart from the books and school supplies, these lockers are also used to store the belongings of the staff members. When you are careful with things that are needed and not needed you make sure that you do not encounter clutter.

2. Avoid dropping food particles :

As far as possible, avoid storing food items inside the locker. If you want to store it, make sure that they are neatly packed so as to avoid dropping them inside the locker. We all are well aware of the fact that even the tiniest of food particle tends to attract germs and insects. To avoid this, do not let food particles find a place in your locker.

3. A germ resistant coating :

Staff room lockers that are smeared with an anti-bacterial coating is yet another important step towards encouraging a neat and clean locker. They provide a strong barrier to resisting germs and infections on a large scale. Considering the advantages, these anti-bacterial staff room lockers in UK and many other parts of the world have started gaining prominence over the years.

4. Encourage regular cleaning and dusting :

Basic cleaning and dusting on a regular basis help in maintaining a neat and clean locker for times to come. You can do this yourself or get the cleaning done by the concerned person. Proactive cleaning should also be encouraged to maintain cleanliness of the lockers.

5. Practice discipline :

Before the quality of discipline is taught to the students it becomes necessary that the mentors or rather the teachers have mastered this quality. Practice the art of following a routine that greatly contributes to the cleanliness of your locker. See to it that you keep things in its place. Also, do not pile up things for a later stage as this might not only increase your workload but will also play a spoil spot in the regular maintenance of the locker. Hence maintain a routine and stick to it.

Final Note :

These are some of the basic steps that will help you in looking after the tidiness of your staff room lockers. Apart from these, it is the discipline and the staff room etiquettes that contribute to the well being of these lockers.

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