Oct 18

Small Staff Lockers – The Smart Way to Design Your Office!

A well-defined storage solution not only helps in optimizing your office space but also contributes in building trust among the employees. This furniture has a lot many benefits attached to it. Creating space, bringing in security, indirectly affecting employee’s productivity and much more sums up the list of advantages that storage lockers have. To make it even more convincing the vendors have brought in a lot of variety to the product. These varieties are not… Read More

Apr 18

9 Basic Things An Employee Can Store In a Staff Room Locker

An organization is a place where you will stumble upon office supplies, employee belongings and various other things that contribute to the work culture. To look after these things, staff lockers would prove to be the perfect savior. From providing safety and security to creating a sense of discipline in an organization; staff lockers have much more on its platter. Lockers for your staff could bring about the following benefits to your organization : Immunity… Read More

Mar 18

Things to Be Considered Before The Installation of Staff Room Lockers

It won’t be wrong to consider staff room lockers as the greatest weapon against theft and disorganization in the office premises. They serve as an important platform for keeping all the useful files, documents as well as the belongings of the employees in a proper place. This not only ensures a sense of organization, but also looks after the security of all the things that have been stored inside the locker. Now, before you get… Read More

Feb 18

5 Precautions to Keep Your School’s Staff Room Lockers Clean

A staff room in a school is a place where all the teachers gather together either for knowledge sharing or taking a well-deserved break. These rooms are filled with adequate lockers to store important files, books and school supplies. How about looking after its maintenance? A well-maintained staff room locker sets a great example for all the students as they become responsible towards their respective lockers. Keeping the staff room lockers clean is no rocket… Read More

Dec 17

How To Know Whether Your Office Requires A Staff Locker?

Are there papers lying here and there? Are your employees fidgeting with their belongings? Is there a commotion where employees are running here and there frantically searching for the important documents which got misplaced due to improper storage solution? Your office is in a desperate need for a storage solution. All these confusions and chaos can be artistically erased by implementing a staff locker on the premises. An office is a place where you will… Read More

Oct 17

Why Should You Consider Investing In A Staff Locker?

A locker for your staff members? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? “Employees are company’s greatest assets” – A quote that very well justifies the importance of an employee in an organization. When you look after your employees they, in turn, look after the progress of the company. Investing in a storage locker for your employees would be one of the best ways to look after the convenience of your employees. When it comes to acquiring a… Read More