9 Basic Things An Employee Can Store In a Staff Room Locker

An organization is a place where you will stumble upon office supplies, employee belongings and various other things that contribute to the work culture. To look after these things, staff lockers would prove to be the perfect savior. From providing safety and security to creating a sense of discipline in an organization; staff lockers have much more on its platter.

LockersLockers for your staff could bring about the following benefits to your organization :

  • Immunity against theft in the office premises
  • Making way for some law and order
  • An important role in contributing to the decor
  • Keeping the premises free of clutter
  • Increases productivity of the employees
  • Increases functionality of the space
  • Creates a professional work environment
  • Creates more room for the employees to carry out their activities

You will come across variety when it comes to choosing the most favorable locker for your staff. Moreover, if your office has a space constraint you can very well consider lockers that are specifically designed for a small workspace.

Basic things an employee gets to store in a staff room locker :

Talking about the things that could be stored in a locker, many things could be considered. Here are a few basic things that an employee can store in the staff room locker. Read on to find out about them.

1. Important files and folders :

Files and folders are some of the mandated equipment that makes up most of the office space apart from employees and furniture. Having said this, with a well-structured storage locker, an employee can make way for all these files and folders. Instead of piling up all the paperwork an employee can get to store them in a staff locker of their own. This considerably saves the organization from clutter, making way for neat and organized premises.

2. Electronic devices :

A staff locker also provides the privilege of accommodating electronic devices carried by the employees. Here electronic device refers to cell phones, laptops and various other electronic devices that an employee carries along. By keeping them in the locker the employees can work efficiently without having to worry about its safety. Furthermore, there are staff lockers with an inbuilt charger that allows charging these electric devices under safe custody.

3. Personal protective equipment :

Personal Protective Equipment is the necessary protection that an employee is mandated to wear in workplaces that are prone to health and safety risks. Safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing and safety harness are some of the personal protective equipment that an employee is mandated to wear. These equipments provide a safe working environment for employees who would be working in places that are prone to dangers. A staff locker is generously used to store these personal protective equipment so that they do not get misplaced, wear out or get stolen.

4. Storing uniforms :

Healthcare sectors and hotel industry are some of the places where the employees are mandated to wear uniforms. A proper storage facility for these uniforms is required to maintain hygiene as well as discipline. Nonetheless, a staff locker would be the perfect choice to safeguard these uniforms. Having said this, employees use lockers to store their uniforms and other clothing so that they do not get stolen or misplaced. Also, when used garments do not find a proper place to be stored, they might cause a threat to hygiene and cleanliness.

5. Personal belongings :

Employees are often accompanied by a set of personal belongings with them. It sometimes turns to be a mode of a distraction if they carry it to their workstation. Bags, coats and other accessories too get to be stored in a safe abode. Needless to say, providing a safe place to store their belongings will do wonders. Hence, a staff locker proves to be the perfect abode to store the personal belongings of an employee.

6. First-aid kits :

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Hence it is always advisable to remain prepared for the fatalities in town. When you have a special place assigned to store the first-aid kit, it becomes easy for the employees to take timely action when an employee gets injured.

7. Office supplies :

How often does an employee lose a petty thing such as a pen or a calculator? Quite often, isn’t it? Well, to put an end to this problem, a staff room locker would be the perfect option. Apart from the desks and draw, an employee gets to look up their essential office supplies in their respective lockers. Stealing or misplacing office supplies will now become a thing of the past.

8. Eatables :

Employees are human beings that constantly require energy to function and food is one such attribute that provides energy to the employee. There are employees who believe in consuming home cooked food and hence they require a place to store these eatables. Also, there would be employees who love to munch on food during work hours. They too carry their snacks along with them. Storing eatables on the desk may cause the employees to feel distracted and hence staff locker would prove to be the perfect place.

9. Locker accessories :

Locker accessories too find a place of their own inside the staff room lockers. Wallpapers, locker lightings, magnetic hooks and magnetic material are some of the accessories that an employee can indulge in. A locker accessory is deemed to increase a locker’s functionalities. Having said this, an employee can use the staff locker to accommodate all the useful or fancy accessories as per their requirements.

Final Note :

The aforementioned are some of the basic things that an employee generally stores in a staff room locker. Needless to say, lockers in the office premises have become an inevitable part of an organization. Staff room lockers in UK, USA and many other parts of the world are being sold with an Active-coat antibacterial coating to level up the hygiene standards.

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