The Different Types of School Lockers That Best Suits Your Premises

A locker in the school premises have become much more than a mere piece of storage equipment. From providing security to storage, from teaching some of the important life skills to reducing burden; a school locker has way more responsibility than expected. Owing to the different needs and requirements in the school premises, lockers are accordingly being made to justify these needs. Talking about variety, you will stumble upon a lot many options that specifically caters to different demands. Let me walk you through some of the school locker options that have been categorized according to the needs and materials used.

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9 Different types of school lockers according to needs :

Here is a list of the 9 different types of school lockers that very well find its place of existence in the school premises. Read on to find about them.

1. Junior lockers :

Junior lockers could find a place of existence in primary and per-primary sections of a school. Assigning a locker to the tiny tots will help them to cultivate the qualities of being disciplined and well-organized at a young age. Moreover, they need not carry the burden of books and stationery. These types of lockers come in soft materials and colors that very well coordinates with the level of innocence that these tiny tots are loaded with.

2. Mini lockers :

Mini lockers in the school premises serve to be the perfect choice when the management is dealing with limited space. These lockers occupy but a little space, hence proving to be an ideal choice for a space-constrained premises. Moreover, these lockers can be easily shifted according to the needs and requirements.

3. Gym lockers :

The importance of physical well-being has attracted the demand for sports and extracurricular activities in the school. To cater to these activities, gym lockers would be the perfect option when it comes to storing clothes that the students might want to change before or after the physical activities. Having said this, these lockers are coated with germ resistant material that impends the spread of germs caused by sweat and humidity.

4. Waterproof lockers :

Does your school have a swimming pool? If yes, then waterproof lockers would be an ideal choice to lay your hands on. This type of locker is specifically designed for areas that are prone to moisture. Hence, the fear of deteriorating the lockers won’t creep in.

5. Laptop lockers :

With technology being elegantly blended in education, the use of electronic devices are being permitted in the school premises. One such device is the laptop. Installing a laptop locker on the premises not only provides a place to store laptops, but also contributes to creating a secure environment.

6. Bike lockers :

There will be students who commute on their bikes to school. How about providing a secure place for storing? Here is where investing in a bike locker proves to be an ideal choice. Convenient, durable and secure bike lockers help in boosting the confidence of all those students who come to school on their bikes.

7. Sports lockers :

A sports locker in the school premises would be the perfect storage amenity to store all the sports equipment. The basketball, football and various other equipment gets a space of their own. This locker also proves to be convenient for both, the student as well as the management. The management need not worry about the sports equipment being stolen or misplaced.

8. Staff lockers :

A locker for the staff members is yet another locker type that finds its existence in the school premises. A locker in the school premises should not only limit to the student’s benefit, it should also be fruitful for all the teachers as well as the management.

9. Specialist lockers :

Specialist lockers are the storage solutions that have been designed to cater specific needs of the management. You can store first aid materials in this type of locker. Also, you can use the specialist locker to store all the additional keys of the lockers. Hence, you can invest in specialist lockers to look after the specific needs.

4 Different types of school lockers according to the materials used :

The above-mentioned were the different school lockers that have been categorized according to the use. Now, let us have a look at a few more options that have been defined according to the different material.

1. Metal lockers :

Metal lockers have been the standard choice for school management since ages. Durability and reliability are the two main attributes that make it one of the most opted storage solutions in the school premises. Apart from these, easy to maintain, reasonably priced and variety are some other factors that make it one of the ideal choices in terms of storage solution.

2. Wooden lockers :

Elegance, aesthetics and timeless grace – these are some of the promising attributes that a wooden locker carries along with it. A wooden locker in the school premises is sure to ace up the elegance of the surroundings. Having said this, do not install these type of lockers in damp or humid places as they will lose their beauty and efficiency.

3. Plastic lockers :

Plastic lockers are best known for bang proof and vandal resistant storage solution. A school is a place that is prone to vandalism and plastic lockers would serve to be the perfect choice. Talking about plastic lockers, there are again two types that rule the world of storage solution: Phenolic plastic lockers and High-density polyethylene locker.

4. Laminate lockers :

Laminate lockers are the lockers that have recently risen to fame with their attractive features. Dent free and resistant to water droplets are the two major attributes that have contributed towards its popularity. This type of locker too finds a place of prominence in the school premises.

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are the different types of school locker that caters to different needs and requirements. Apart from the use and material, you will also come across many other options in terms of color and size. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plunge in the diverse storage options that best suits your needs.

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