Things to Be Considered Before The Installation of Staff Room Lockers

It won’t be wrong to consider staff room lockers as the greatest weapon against theft and disorganization in the office premises. They serve as an important platform for keeping all the useful files, documents as well as the belongings of the employees in a proper place. This not only ensures a sense of organization, but also looks after the security of all the things that have been stored inside the locker. Now, before you get the locker on the premises there are certain things that you would have to take into consideration for a better user experience.

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9 Things to consider before installation of staff room lockersĀ :

Here are a few things that you need to consider before you get your staff lockers installed in the premises. Read on to find out about them.

1. Will it fit into the assigned space?

Before getting the lockers installed in the staff room, it is inevitable to check its size and stature. Compare them to the place where the locker will be installed. If you miss out on the correct size then you might end up with a disproportionate locker, which would eventually ruin the installation process. Hence, be clear about the size of the locker that is going to be installed in its assigned place.

2. Does it block ventilation?

It is always good to be concerned about a good ventilation system where the lockers are going to be placed. Therefore, when you are getting the staff room lockers installed, be careful with the fact that you do not block the ventilation.

3. Is it making the room look bright?

Choose those colors that would bring in an element of brightness to the entire room. There are colors that could dull out the entire ambiance. Hence, before installing the lockers, make sure that they are all coated with some bright colors that would eventually uplift the entire room’s ambiance.

4. How easy will it be to access the lockers?

The ease of accessibility should be very well taken into consideration before installing the lockers on the premises. It should not be too far from the employee’s work desk otherwise they might use a lot of time in commuting to and fro. Choose a place that makes it easy for the employees to access their respective lockers.

5. Is it consuming a lot more space than required?

No employee would like to move around in a congested place to access their respective lockers. Hence make sure that the lockers are judiciously placed so as to avoid congestion of space, making it convenient for the staff members to move around freely.

6. Does it fit in the feng shui considerations?

Considering Feng Shui tips would prove to be useful in bringing positive energy to your organization. Make a thorough study of the different locker positions and how will it affect the energy of the place and accordingly, get your staff lockers installed.

7. How much time will it consume to get the lockers installed?

Know well in advance the time that will be required to complete the installation process. This will help you in making arrangements accordingly so that the staff members do not have to face inconvenience if the installation of staff room lockers will be taking place during the work hours.

8. Will they provide after installation services?

What if the doors of the locker get jammed? What if there arises the need to switch places of the locker due to some reasons? What if the lockers have not been properly installed? Will they be proactive in adhering to your requirements after the installation process? Get all these questions well defined before you begin the installation.

9. How effective it is to consider privacy?

Highly sensitive organizations need to be specific when it comes to deciding upon the place where the lockers would be installed. Banks, Hospitals, IT company’s, etc. are some of the places where security is mandatory. If security is of utmost concern, then placing the lockers under CCTV surveillance could be initiated to keep a check on thefts. Hence, before installation sees to it that the place where the lockers would be installed has a strong security system.

Final Note :

The above-mentioned are some of the important points that when taken care of will help in the smooth installation process. Getting a staff locker in your office premises is an investment that will stand true to your requirements. Therefore, leave no stone unturned when it comes defining a proper place for these staff lockers.

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