5 Features of work lockers you must know of

Work Lockers

Lockers provide both space and security in the workplace. Providing employees with personal space to securely store important files, confidential documents, laptop or other personal items while they are on the job, work lockers are a smart storage solution for any office setting. Offering your staff adequate space to store their valuable items instead of piling it on their desks, lockers helps to create a sense of wellbeing and as well as boosts productivity.

If you are looking to buy lockers for your office setting, below are a few things that should be considered to get the correct one that fulfils your specific requirements.

Steel, Plastic, Metal or Wood-What is the Best material for Work Lockers?

Depending upon where you want to install these lockers and your exclusive requirements, you have a wide range of options to choose form. You can either get work lockers custom made or buy readymade variants using materials like plastic, steel, wood. While highly durable and cost-effective metal lockers are great for office-locker room settings, the corrosion-resistant, versatile plastic lockers are perfect for moderate use. If looking to upscale the look of your office, you can invest in stylish wood lockers.

What Types of Locks to Consider for Work Locker?

Whether you are buying a basic single-tier model or a laptop charging work locker, deciding what type of lock you want to keep your belongings safe is the most crucial decision you might have to make. Lockers are usually installed to meet the safety needs of the users. As per your safety needs, you can choose from simple key locks, combination locks, digital locks, barrel locks etc. Considering the safety and convenience, keyless locker with combination locks are the best for employers to fulfil their storage needs.

What is the Ideal size for Employee office Lockers?

This completely depends on the estimated space the employees might need to keep their belongings. To decide the ideal size for your lockers, you also need to consider how much total space you have. The reliable work locker vendors in the UK can offer bespoke design services to fit in your desired number of lockers in your available space seamlessly. Cube lockers, multi-door phone/tablet charging lockers and box style lockers are some of the popular options to provide secure storage for valuable items in offices.

What Safety Features to Consider?

Lockers are designed to provide complete safety for your belongings. When it comes to ensuring safety, factors like door designs, quality of the lock, door frame and security layers play an important role. Nowadays many employee storage lockers come with an intruder alarm system to prevent unauthorised attempts to open the storage door. Password protected electronic lockers and combination lockers are two of the most opted options among all office storage units.

What are the Additional features a Work Locker should have?

Functionality is one of the most important aspects you should pay heed while buying it for your employees. Work lockers should fit in the available space and complement the office environment. Find the work lockers for sale UK that have integrated charging facility for mobile, laptop or tablets. These come with an inbuilt power source and multiple or specific charging pins for charging your electronic devices. To store your valuable items which require ventilation, wire mesh lockers are the best. First, determine what you need to store and your budget, then speak with an expert to custom made a work locker that is in line with your needs.

Make the Right choice Wisely:

With an endless range of work lockers to choose from, finding the best locker that suits your requirements and fits in your budget can be a daunting task. Before starting your hunt for office lockers, decide your exact requirements and budget. Go through all the points listed above and determine your requirements to find the correct locker that meets your specific criteria.

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