An Introduction to 5 Popular Work Lockers for Sale

What is the first thing that flashes through your mind when you think of work lockers? The plain, banged up metals ones that stand out like a sore thumb right? Those are a thing of the past. Lockers are now available in different styles, shapes, materials, and sizes. Not to mention, they are designed with innovative features and high-security levels to satisfy the diverse needs of storage, organising, and aesthetics.

Work Lockers

Every workplace, whether it’s an office, retail outlet, factory, or warehouse has its own concept of storage lockers based on utility. While some prefer absolute minimalistic lockers others may lean towards custom-designed ones.  Let’s walk you through some popular work lockers, along with their distinctive features, and functionalities.

Standard Steel Lockers:

These types of lockers are ideal for an indoor environment. Built with high-quality rolled steel, the aesthetically appealing lockers boast structural integrity to ensure the safety of contents kept inside. The versatile units can be crafted in various configurations, sizes, textures, and colours to accommodate specific requirements.

The door panels come with a shock-proof laminated finish that is resistant to marring, scratching, and chipping. With compartments extending from 1-16, the metal lockers are equipped with hooks for hanging clothes and shelves to stash personal possessions. In addition, there are several accessories and locking systems that range from the traditional key, padlock facility, coin to electronic combination locks.

Plastic Lockers:

Constructed to withstand the harshest environments, these cost-effective lockers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. The high grade moulded plastic material provides durability and resistance to cracking and denting. The units are attractive, easy to clean and maintain as they do not rust or corrode.

Available in many sizes and tiers, the plastic lockers boast fantastic interior features, lovely colour combinations, and a highly mechanized locking system for the safety of possessions. And yes, repairing plastic lockers is effortless and simple. What’s more, the units can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry.

Laptop Charging Lockers:

Laptop lockers are the perfect storage solution for expensive gadgets like tablets/notebooks/laptops, etc. that have become an integral part of the work environment. Made from steel, the tough and hardy cabinet is available in 8-15 individually locked compartments. The storage unit has charging and non-charging versions. The former is outfitted with a power socket to keep the electronic devices juiced and ready for action. Laptop lockers also have a perforated panel on the rear for heat dissipation. The cherry on the cake is the array of beautiful colour options that can add a stylish touch to the office space.

Wire Mesh Lockers:

Made from thick steel weave, the wire mesh lockers are strong and hard-wearing. They are just right for an organisation with outdoor work that requires wet clothing to be stored. Thanks to their open mesh design, these lockers allow increased airflow to quickly dry wet gear without the build-up of mildew or foul odours.

The best part of wire-mesh lockers is the visibility which makes it easier to keep a close eye on what is stored. The wire patterned lockers are available in different dimensions, heights, colours, and compartments. Furthermore, they come with various locking options to thwart pilferage.

Mobile Lockers:

With everyone carrying smartphones, a safe storage place in the workplace is crucial for valuable hand-held devices.  Mobile lockers are the answer. Made of high quality and robust materials, the innovative lockers are extremely secure, durable, and long-lasting. Plus they are equipped with a standard 3 pin socket and a USB charging point to power the devices quickly. There’s more in terms of specifics.

The units offer a choice of eight and more compartments to satisfy the smallest to the largest requirement.  They are finished with a powder-coated anti-bacterial paint to ensure complete hygiene. Last but not least, there are numerous shades available to match the company logo or office décor.

The Last Word:

This is an overview of five different types of work lockers for sale. Which of these is your pick? No matter what option you choose, make sure the storage units are best suited for the needs, infrastructure, and the work environment of your establishment.

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