Oct 21

Mini Mobile Phone Storage – The Answer to Modern Needs

Storage devices have evolved with the use. It initially started with very heavy boxes which were locked and heavily guarded. With the advancements in material science, we started having storage boxes, and lockers made up of tougher materials that would be very hard to break in. Then came technology into the picture, and these safes went with a variety of locks installed in them to provide a higher level of safety. Device storage is a… Read More

Jul 21

What Is The Purpose of a School Locker

Lockers have always been a matter of excitement for students in schools. Owning a personal space gives them the freedom to store whatever they want and whenever they want. Over the years, schools lockers have become a common sight in schools. However, the purpose of the school locker is way beyond this feeling of ownership in kids. While on the one hand schools are installing lockers, many argue against it. People have even campaigned against these school lockers. There are… Read More

Jun 21

Are Probe Lockers Worth The Investment?

Storage lockers have made their way into every space from residences to offices. Today the market is brimming with a wide range of storage lockers which makes their selection very difficult. This is where the brand name is important. Probe locker is a prominent brand name in storage lockers. These lockers are ardently used in every industry including healthcare and education. What makes Probe lockers excellent and are they worth investing in? Probe lockers are designed with so many features that it… Read More

May 21

Mobile Phone Storage Lockers and their Types

Mobile phone storage lockers are getting increasingly adopted across academic and commercial areas. Advancements in mobile phones have triggered a sense of security everywhere, and many offices prohibit carrying mobile phones inside the premises. However, mobile phones with basic calling feature is a nuisance in any educational institution. This is the reason why schools and colleges are installing mobile phone storage lockers on their premises. These lockers are installed everywhere, including militaries, fitness centers, and offices. Dedicated space… Read More

Apr 21

Benefits of Metal Locker

Metal storage products are picking up pace in terms of popularity everywhere including commercial and residential spaces. One may wonder why metals over materials like plastic? Well! with metal comes plentiful benefits which can make them anyone’s preference. Steel is one of the most popular metals which is counted amongst the most flexible metals, widely used across every sector for different purposes. Steel storage products are one of the most sought after. The demand for… Read More

Mar 21

Which School Lockers Should You Go For

School lockers find their place in every leading education institution. They come in a variety of colours, designs, and materials. Choosing one that works for you can be a complex decision. Is it something aesthetically pleasing that you are looking for or something basic and functional? No matter what your needs might be, there is something for everyone. While it might overwhelm you looking at the wide range of options, here is a list of some… Read More

Feb 21

Benefits of Plastic School Lockers

What would you think after hearing the word locker? You might imagine the traditional lockers with big locks and heavy material. If you are actually imagining this, then you need to get updated. Today, lockers come in varied shapes, sizes, and technology. Schools are one of the ideal spaces to have them. With so many people and resources, locker becomes a necessity in schools. Of all the materials, plastic is gaining popularity as the material… Read More

Jan 21

Choosing the Right Cloakroom Bench for Your Space

Benches are a common sight everywhere, be it a changing room or a garden. They are of different types for outdoor and indoor use. When it comes to spaces such as gyms and schools, cloakroom benches become an ideal choice. We need benches where we can not only sit but also use them for storing our belongings. You might want to hang a cloth or keep other things. Cloakroom benches are of different types depending on the use. Some… Read More

Dec 20

Why is the Need for Lockers for Schools in UK?

Students bring a lot of things to school daily to use in different classes. But, carrying the books, handouts and other school-related possessions can most times get inconvenient. Fortunately, lockers have diverse benefits for students to help them store their belongings safely. A storage locker in the school premises is one of the best facilities that a school could invest in for the students. From providing security to creating clutter-free surroundings, a locker in the… Read More

Nov 20

5 Features of work lockers you must know of

Lockers provide both space and security in the workplace. Providing employees with personal space to securely store important files, confidential documents, laptop or other personal items while they are on the job, work lockers are a smart storage solution for any office setting. Offering your staff adequate space to store their valuable items instead of piling it on their desks, lockers helps to create a sense of wellbeing and as well as boosts productivity. If you are looking… Read More