Apr 22

Safe, Secure and Reliable Mobile Phone Storage

It is becoming much more common for people to carry expensive personal items in today’s world, such as wallets, tablets, phones and laptops. As a result of this, there has become an increased need to provide safe places to store these items in workplace, academic environments and public places. Mobile Phone & Personal Effects Storage lockers are becoming a popular option in these settings. In this blog we will highlight the types of mobile phone… Read More

Oct 21

Mini Mobile Phone Storage – The Answer to Modern Needs

Storage devices have evolved with the use. It initially started with very heavy boxes which were locked and heavily guarded. With the advancements in material science, we started having storage boxes, and lockers made up of tougher materials that would be very hard to break in. Then came technology into the picture, and these safes went with a variety of locks installed in them to provide a higher level of safety. Device storage is a… Read More

May 21

Mobile Phone Storage Lockers and their Types

Mobile phone storage lockers are getting increasingly adopted across academic and commercial areas. Advancements in mobile phones have triggered a sense of security everywhere, and many offices prohibit carrying mobile phones inside the premises. However, mobile phones with basic calling feature is a nuisance in any educational institution. This is the reason why schools and colleges are installing mobile phone storage lockers on their premises. These lockers are installed everywhere, including militaries, fitness centers, and offices. Dedicated space… Read More