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It is becoming much more common for people to carry expensive personal items in today’s world, such as wallets, tablets, phones and laptops. As a result of this, there has become an increased need to provide safe places to store these items in workplace, academic environments and public places. Mobile Phone & Personal Effects Storage lockers are becoming a popular option in these settings. In this blog we will highlight the types of mobile phone storage available and discuss the key features and benefits they provide.

Types of mobile phone storage

There are two main types of mobile phone storage – charging and non-charging. You can choose from powered or non-powered, mobile or static.

Mobile phone Storage Lockers

We offer a range of non-charging small compartment lockers which are designed specifically for safe storage. Standard mobile personal effects storage lockers are the perfect size to store most portable devices and they work out as a great affordable solution. These small mobile phone storage lockers come in a choice of eight, sixteen, twenty or forty compartments. Lockers can be wall mounted or stacked to create a wall of handy sized compartments.

The second, and progressively popular type of mobile phone storage lockers are mobile phone charging lockers. The increasing use of phones, laptops and other media devices has led to the introduction of lockers designed specifically for the safe storage and charging of these items. The Mobile Phone – Powered Charging Lockers are available with a standard 3 pin 240v socket, or you can opt to choose a 3 pin socket with the addition of a USB powered charging point, making it easier to charge with just the USB cable.

Benefits of mobile phone storage lockers

There are many benefits of installing mobile phone storage lockers in offices, schools, public areas and many more locations. These include:

Buy Mobile Phone Storage Lockers

    • Reducing phone thefts

These lockable storage spaces offer a secure place for small, valuable items, meaning people do not have to worry about their expensive belonging getting stolen.

    • Less distractions

Keeping mobile phones in lockers in the likes of schools and certain workplaces means there will be less disturbances. This can also lead to increased productivity.

    • Items are less likely to be misplaced

Having a safe space to store and lock your items away means the chances of them getting lost or misplaced is significantly reduced.

    • Peace of mind with charging lockers

As there is no worry about your devices battery life when there is access to charging lockers, people will feel completely at ease when in work, shopping or going about their daily activities.

Choosing the right mobile phone storage for you

If you think you could benefit from mobile phone storage lockers then we have the solution for you. We offer a comprehensive range of charging and storage lockers for a variety of smart devices. There’s a smart device solution to suit your needs.

With a choice of size, colour and compartments, we have a locker to satisfy the smallest requirement through to the largest. Call us on 01244 940906 or email today.


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