How To Choose From The Different Types Of Commercial Cupboards

Every business has, at some point, faced insect infestation on grocery items or had their merchandise broken or scattered everywhere. Good commercial cupboards are therefore required to protect and organize things properly. Given below is a handy guide on choosing the perfect cupboard that can be customized as per the needs of your business.


What Are The Different Type Of Materials To Choose From? 

When it comes to materials, there’s a wide range of them from high-quality stainless steel to wood to melamine. Stainless steel offers sturdiness and durability as compared to the other two. Be mindful of the finishing, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the cupboard to guarantee its long term usage.

What Type Of Cupboards Can Be Used For Every Set-Up? 

Standard cupboards with adjustable shelves are the universal choice because they are as simple and minimalist as they can get. The maximum load that most commercial cupboards can hold is 65Kg UDL. From bearing linen to tools to files, they can be suitable for all purposes. They fit right into any given set-up be it offices, schools, hotels, factories or any other commercial spaces.

What Type Of Cupboards Are Best Suited For Linen Closets?

 A wardrobe cupboard that is equipped with a shelf at the top and a hanging rail for bed linen or towels is the best choice in this case. Based on preference one can go for a slim or a wide one. For storage of accessories, toiletries or shoes, a combination of built-in shelving units along with the aforementioned design can be opted.

What Type of Cupboards Will Make The Kitchen A Clutter-Free Space?

Every restaurant warrants ease of access on busy days with constant customer footfalls. A multi-compartment cupboard would serve just right, for those spaces. They would make it very convenient to segregate things. There is an array of options catering to the number of compartments and dimensions to make it easy for one to customize accordingly.

Another design that would be apt is an open-fronted cupboard. Without a locking facility, there’ll be ease of access while fetching items. No more struggling while finding the favourite jar of marmalade in a clutter of kitchenware and food items.

How to Confine Toolkits to the Garage or Factories? 

Let’s face it, stepping or stumbling on a nut or wrench left lying around is the worst experience ever. Tool cupboards are a saviour in that sense. It is best to select the ones with adjustable shelves so that one can decide which toolkit needs what height on a given shelf. To use the top for storage, one should be mindful that it has a dished surface to prevent things from falling and causing breakage or injury.

When the need for space isn’t much, a low cupboard with a single shelf might be appropriate. One can even use it as shoe storage for stowing away their winter footwear in summer months or vice versa.

What Type Of Cupboards Are Good For Office Spaces? 

A prim and proper office requires strong cupboards with high utility. Therefore, cupboards with fixed lateral rails are ideal for hanging all the files so that they stay organized and easy to reach for. Open fronted cupboards can also be used especially for office supplies and stationery.

How To Select The Perfect Colour For The Cupboard? 

An easy thumb rule is to go for complementary colours. This would provide a contrast to make your furniture stand out to be noticeable enough as well as blend into the general theme of the room. If the walls are white, any colour would go along. For other colours, consulting a colour wheel often proves very useful.

Points to Ponder While Selecting Cupboards:  

  1. Finish: Epoxy powder coating is economic, protective and environment friendly and makes cupboards last longer.

Antibacterial coating prevents spoilage of items in store.

  1. Locking Facility: A strong and durable lock keeps the cupboard airtight and also prevents theft.
  2. Hinges, Handles and Knobs: Should be properly welded into the frame so that they don’t come off within a few days of use.


Every place deserves functional, visually pleasing and appropriate storage units. These guidelines will surely help catalog things better and provide a sustainable and safe environ for any commercial space.

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