The Art of Finding High-Quality School Lockers at the Best Prices in the UK

Are you looking to purchase lockers for your school? Wondering how to find the best deals that get you the most value for your pounds? Here’s the scoop on buying the best lockers for schools without breaking the bank.

best deals on school lockers

Lockers are the quintessential school furniture in the UK. Irrespective of the size, level – primary, middle or high-school and the number of students – all schools require an array of lockers to meet the storage requirements of the pupils. Books, coats, gym clothes – lockers serve plenty of purposes.

Unfortunately, the prices of school furniture, including lockers, can be quite steep. Luckily, there are several insider tips on how to land the best deals on school lockers.

Nail the Timing Right

Just like with all other purchases, shopping at the right times can make a huge difference to your wallet. If you’re purchasing just before school reopens for the new academic year, then expect to shell out sky-high prices.

Start your school locker shopping, way ahead of other schools in your district. If possible, try to shop during the off-season. Furniture stores do not see much of sales for school furniture during the off-seasons; thereby they are likely to offer higher discounts.

Alternatively, you can shop right before fresh locker styles arrive. Most furniture stores stock new styles twice a year – in February and August. Stores look to clear existing stocks before these months, so that they can make room on the showroom floor for new arrivals. Most furniture experts recommend January and July as the best months for furniture shopping, as there are plenty of drastic price cuts and “last chance” sales.

Practice your negotiation skills, especially when you’re shopping during off-times. Remember, it never hurts to ask. The worst that could happen is that the store owner may refuse to reduce the sticker price. In the best case – you could be rewarded with a sweet discount or a freebie thrown in with the sale.

Go Bulk Furniture Shopping

Instead of shopping separately for lockers, you can try to club the purchase along with other classroom furniture. Need a few desks and chairs? Or extra storage shelves for the library? Wait and purchase all your school furniture together to avail higher discounts.

The same goes for the number of pieces you order. When you order larger quantities, the furniture store owner is likely to offer you higher discounts. This is one reason why most schools wait until the end of the school year to replace broken lockers. Instead of purchasing lockers separately, they can get better discounts when buying in bulk.

Do your Homework

If you’re someone who always pays the price listed on the sticker without second thoughts, then this section is just for you. When buying lockers for schools, remember that the sticker price is never the final price.

If you find a locker style that you love, don’t finalize the deal. Instead, write down the model number, go home, fire up Google, and compare prices online before making the purchase. By searching online, you may come across another store that offers a better deal.

You now have two choices. One, to approach the first store, show them the lower price. The store may offer you the locker for the lower price. If that doesn’t happen, you can purchase it from the store that gives the better deal.

Consider Second-hand Lockers

If you’re not looking for new pieces, you can pick up used school lockers at low prices. A word of caution, though – second-hand lockers may be more trouble than they are worth. So make sure to inspect the locker in person before you finalize the deal.

Finally, don’t forget to Consider the Overall Value of the Locker

Very often, most shoppers are so focused on the budget that they miss out on evaluating the overall value of the locker. A school locker sees plenty of use, and it must be durable enough to stand years of constant use (and abuse).

It’s not just about getting the lowest price. Instead, it’s about finding the best value for the price you pay.

Choose high-quality lockers that are scratch-resistant, durable, easy to clean, and withstand years of usage. At Locker Shop, we have a wide range of school lockers in various sizes and models, with prices starting from just £30.10. Check our product gallery and choose high-quality school lockers at the best prices.

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