Buying Value School Lockers? Check Out These 5 Features

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your school lockers for the next academic year? Lockers play an important role in an educational environment as they provide students with safe storage space to keep books, accessories, gadgets, clothes, and other valuable possessions that they don’t immediately need.

Value School Lockers

While there’s no denying that lockable storage is a critical requirement of every school, purchasing the right units can be tricky since they come in a variety of materials, sizes, colours, and designs. No worries. We’re here to ease the selection process. Listed below are five essential features that you must take into account when equipping the facility with new lockers.


The first thing to consider is the material used. Lockers are crafted from a range of materials namely, steel, plastics, wood, laminates, etc. Stainless steel is a good choice for an educational establishment as the lockers tend to be more secure, durable, and sturdy. Students can store bulky items without causing damage.

Not to mention, high-end lockers have the potential to withstand rust, corrosion, scratches, dents, graffiti etchings, and the daily rigours of a school routine. Also, the antibacterial layer applied to the laminated doors thwarts MRSA, E.Coli, bugs, and other harmful bacteria that are known to trigger illness around a school.

Locker Configuration & Sizes:

The size and layout of the locker is another feature you might want to factor. There are cube, high and low lockers designed for schools. For smaller children with lesser storage needs, the cubes are perfect. They can be bought as a nest or single pieces and arranged as per convenience.

High lockers are tall and slender with a top shelf and vertical storage space for slinging long coats and scarves. They don’t take too much floor space and can be positioned in the corridor or classroom. Low lockers that offer more storage space than cubes and less than high lockers are ideal for elementary school. However, they don’t have hooks for hanging clothes.

Locking Mechanism:

Needless to say, locks are an important part of lockers. The school lockers come with various locks to keep the contents safe and secure. Apart from the standard cam locks where students are issued individual keys, there is the padlocking system, radial pin locks, and the coin/token locks.

School lockers are also integrated with electronic and combination locks that eliminate the need for carrying a key around. You can pick a locking mechanism that will work best for your establishment.

Locker Door Colours:

Don’t fancy the idea of dull grey lockers for the school? Not a problem. The locker doors with a powder-coated finish come is such gorgeous hues that you are literally spoiled for choice. Whether you want a chequered pattern, subtle tints, a vibrant locker wall, or shades that reflect the school logo, the colour options for lockers are endless. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose any colour combination to brighten and add a stylish touch to the school environment.

Essential Locker Accessories:

When purchasing new lockers there are some accessories that you might want to consider. Though lockers are typically flat-topped, some have a slope top panel. The former provides extra storage but the latter is easier to clean given they do not allow dust, clutter, and other rubbish to accumulate on the top. Make sure the storage units are welded with raised plinths and the doors fitted with a strengthener and semi-concealed hinges.

Besides adding to the physical appeal, these fixtures enhance structural potency, durability and security of lockers. And yes, if there is enough space in the school premises you can also buy lockers with seats and stands.

As you can see, there is so much to consider when selecting value school lockers. We hope the aforesaid information has been useful and will help you install aesthetically pleasing, high quality, fully-functioning storage units that your students will love.

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