Types of Work Lockers to Boost Security at Your Workplace

The prosperity of a business organization reclines on the efficient working of its employees. In the era of cut throat competition across different industries, it has become very essential for organizations to provide best working conditions to their workforce.

While training prepares employees for their specific tasks, facilities such as lockers help them get rid of the tensity related to the safety and storage of their belongings.

Here is a list of types of work lockers for sale, that can help you augment the value of your workplace.

Work Locker

  • Standard Metal Lockers

These lockers are made up primarily of steel. They are durable and long lasting. Based on the storage compartments, these lockers are commonly available in the following variants.

  1. Single tier
  2. Double tier
  3. Triple tier
  4. Box style

Each variant caters specific needs. While single tier standard metal lockers help in storing long garments along with accessories, box style lockers are suitable for storing small devices and accessories. Also, these lockers commonly come in three colors namely:

  1. Grey
  2. Blue
  3. Tan

Additional features like vents support airflow in these lockers.

  • Laptop Lockers

 Laptop Locker is  long rectangular compartments with multiple divisions where you can keep devices like laptops, tablets etc in a safe and personalized manner. Using these locker, you can keep as many as 15 laptops at a specific place.

They are available primarily in the following lockers.

  1. 8 door
  2. 10 door
  3. 12 door
  4. 15 door

Laptop lockers come with specialised protective locks. These locks ensure that only a person having the required access can unlock the locker.

  • Charging Lockers

 In addition to keeping devices, these lockers have an inbuilt power source and specific or multiple charging pins that help in charging your devices and tools. Charging lockers can be device specific and are generally available in the following lockers.

  1. Laptop charging
  2. Mobile charging
  3. Tablet charging
  4. Tool charging

Also these lockers are also available in different styles such as

  1. Single door multiple compartment lockers
  2. Multiple compartment lockers with transparent glass
  3. Multiple compartment lockers with separate doors

With technological innovations overtime, charging lockers in the form of trolleys have been developed which provide multiple advantages. In addition to security, they facilitate easy movement of all devices kept in them at once along with charging facilities and reduced use of space.

  • Wire Mesh Lockers

 These are cage-like lockers that are strong and resistant. They are beneficial in storing things which require ventilation. The small square like patterns created by the crisscrossing of steel wires allows air to pass freely thereby ensuring proper maintenance of valuables stored in them. In addition to this, the things stored in them are visible from outside which helps in maintaining a check.

On the basis of compartments, wire mesh lockers are available as:

  1. Double compartment
  2. Triple compartment
  3. Multiple compartment

Similarly, the number of compartments can be as high as 20.

Complete Your Workplace With Need Specific Lockers!

With different work lockers for sale, you can ensure proper management of office equipment and personal belongings of your employees. Based on your specific requirements, you can have one or more work lockers at your workplace.

Get your work lockers today and enjoy the benefits that come along.

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