Top Seven Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying a Perfect School Locker

Lockers are an integral accessory for ascertaining the safety of a student’s personal belongings in school. From different sizes to its range of colours, the facilities provided to its make, finding the right school locker can be quite a deal. Here are the top tips to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing one.

School Lockers

How to Choose the Material?

School lockers come in a fantastic range of composition, from value steel to plastic. While plastic cabinets are moisture-resistant and ideal for outdoor use, metal ones are less expensive, have greater choice in size and come with an anti-bacterial finish. Another tip is to keep an eye on your online retailer offers and buy any material school lockers at discounted rates.

How to Size up them Perfectly?

School lockers come in three different sizes- cube, low and high. Cube lockers are less spacious but they give you the flexibility of installing them as required. Both low and high cabinets depend on the age of the students who will be using them. While low lockers are ideal for kids below eight years, the latter suits older pupils.

How to Decide the Number of Compartments in Each School Locker?

You can either opt for a single school locker as storage for each student or buy a multi-door one depending on the overall needs of your pupils. In case the students don’t require the storage space of an entire high locker, you can have it compartmentalised into up to sixteen compartments. Do keep in mind that they don’t have any hanging space or storage space for sports equipment. They are however more space-efficient.

How to Choose Between Flat Tops and Sloping Tops?

At a minimal budget, you can buy school cabinets with sloping tops. Or, you may avail both flat and sloping top school lockers at discounted rates. Although slope tops might be slightly taxing on the storage space provided by flat tops, they prevent unnecessary cluttering on top of the lockers, therefore, maintaining cleanliness and avoiding things from getting lost. Lockers with feet allow cleaning of the floor under the lockers.

How Many Students Will Use a Single School Locker?

In case of a single-door locker, only one person has access to its storage. This option provides a wider storage space and is of an appropriate size to store bags and bulkier sports items. On the other hand, a multi-door locker divides the storage space equally for two pupils. Although the storage space is less here, it is more cost and space-efficient.

How to Contrast Inset From Overlay Doors in a School Locker?

Choosing between inset doors and overlay doors might be difficult, especially given their comparable prices. For school lockers, inset door lockers are a preferred option because they are more durable and cannot be easily vandalised. They have heavy-duty doors as well as strong hinges. Their metal frames can be matched to the doors to maintain the overall ambient theme.

On another hand, overlay door lockers come in a wide range of contemporary timber patterns and have multiple door options. They look smart, classy and their metal frame is not visible. However, they lack in security and are less robust than inset doors.

How Well Does the School Locker Go With the Room?

Just as much as the storage quality of the locker is important, you should also think about how well it matches the colour coding or texture of the rest of the room. For this, you can tally the locker templates of your online retailer with the interiors of the school locker room. Or, you can request your seller for a free professional design service that helps you decide correctly and make the hall look classy. Steel lockers come with a greater colour variety, including white, silver-grey or a black base body while plastic cabinets only come in grey. On the other hand, the doors for both can be red, blue, yellow or grey.

How to Choose the Correct Lock Type?

The most important part of securing a school locker is obviously the lock. The locks can be of three types, namely Cam Lock, Hasp Lock and Combination Lock. In the first, students are given a small key but they can purchase their own padlock in the second. A more expensive and modern version, a combination lock is keyless and more practical. However, there is a risk of forgetting the code. You can buy all theseschool lockers at discounted rates.

Do Your Students Need School Lockers With Laptop Charging?

Laptop charging lockers, or simply laptop storage lockers are an increasing need for students for their higher education. While simple storage lockers can only secure the storage of laptops, charging lockers have an added advantage of securely charging the laptop. They can also be used for charging mobile phones or other electronics. Laptop charging lockers are however quite a bit costlier.

There is a wide variety available when it comes to buying an appropriate locker for your educational institute and it can get tough to choose one that fits the bill, However, with the help of these tips and advice from your online retailer, it will be a cakewalk.

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