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Garment Dispenser 10 Door

Garment Dispenser  10 Door


10 Compartment Garment, Laundry Dispenser.

Part of the Garment & Uniform management Locker range

A range of lockers designed specifically for the management of workplace uniforms, work clothing or towels.

The Garment dispensers have a single service door  to provide access to all of the inner compartments of the garment dispensers which enables the distribution of clean garments, towels, uniforms etc. The individual compartments remain secure and can only be accessed by the individual user. Each compartment has a different lock and keys.

The Garment collectors are a simple post box style locker which is designed for the collection of clothing, uniforms or towels once they have been used making them ready for collection and laundering.

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1780mm H X 380mm W X 460mm D Single
GD10 N1