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Plastic School Lockers

School Plastic Lockers - Coming in April 2022

Plastic Lockers


If you are looking for a lockers that can be used indoors or outside open to the elements or if you just require an extremely strong, tough locker that can withstand the toughest of environments or robust use then look no further than our range of moulded plastic lockers. The construction and materials used to make them perfect for use in the extreme of the element or simply by the swimming pool where steel lockers would rust.

Available in individual modular units meaning you can install the lockers in any layout that fits the space you have available.

Plastic lockers are water resistant and are available in modular individual compartments in a range of sizes so you can install them in any configuration to fit your available space simply by bolting them together.

Availavle with optional locker stands, sloping tops, and a ange of lock options.