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Abus 145 40mm Coloured (10 Pack)

Abus 145 40mm Coloured (10 Pack)


Abus 145 40mm Coloured Padlock (10 Pack)

This a new development in the padlock market. An aluminium combination padlock with a hardened steel shackle which is both lightweight and secure. Very popular for Peli Cases since they are matched in quality and very low in weight.

Each padlock is resettable to it's own combination and available in eight different colours.

Available in both 30mm (three dial) and 40mm (four dial) sizes, these padlocks are perfectly suited to lockers, larger bags and even doors.

Resetting the combination

1. Open the padlock using the default code (all zeros)

2. Twist the shackle around 90 or 180 degrees (depends on model)

3. Push the shackle back down into the body

4. Whilst pushing the shackle down, change the combination

5. Release pressure from the shackle and rotate back to its normal position

6. Close the padlock and scramble the code


Red, Blue, Silver, Titanium, Yellow, Green, Violet, Orange


This product is manufactured to customer specification. Please ensure that the product size and specification that you have selected is suitable for the purposes you require as once we start manufacturing we cannot accept returns or cancellations. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
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