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Dial Combination Padlock (10 Pack)

Dial Combination Padlock (10 Pack)


Dial Combination Padlock (10 Pack)

A combination padlock with a Master-Key override making it ideal for schools, colleges and gyms where access is needed in the event of a forgotten code or an emergency. The dial mechanism offers a huge 64,000 possible combinations.

Each lock is allocated it's own combination which is non-resettable. Every lock then also has a unique serial number that allows you to track the padlock to it's own combination. Ideal for schools, gyms and where large numbers of lockers are secured.

The six digit serial number is repeated on approximately every 2000 padlocks.

The Master-Key functionality makes it idea for schools, colleges and gyms where access may be needed in the event of a forgotten code or in an emergency. The dial design with its larger number of combinations can act as a deterrent to manipulation but retaining the usual simplicity of a combination padlock.

MASTER KEY NOT INCLUDED - order separately from here


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