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Shield B30 (10 Pack)

Shield B30 (10 Pack)


Shield B30 (10 Pack) 

2 keys included per lock

A low cost yet good quality brass padlock from a British manufacturer for general use. Available in 30mm and 40mm sizes for a variety of uses. 

Shield is the latest brand of padlock in the market offering great quality but at an even better price. They have ensured all their locks use a hardened steel shackle, quality brass body and an anti-pick mechanism. They are also double bolted to resist pulling.

One important consideration is the number of differs. Although these Shield locks do have a good number of differs to be very secure in the open market, they might not be high enough for some schools when many are placed in a single setting. The 30mm carries about 75 differs and the 40 about 200 differs. This is usually fine, but you must bare this in mind when choosing a lock for lockers in a school.

B30 Size

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Shackle 5mm