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Clean and Dirty Locker

Clean and Dirty Locker


Clean and Dirty Locker.

With a shelf at the top of the locker creating a seperate top compartment and a central vertical divider creating two distinct locker compartments  this clean and dirty locker allows the seperation of clean and dirty clothing and equipment.

Probe products have been manufactured, to the highest standards, in the UK since 1960 and have the added protection of Activecoat anti bacterial powder coating.

Available with a range of locker and lock options.

See lock options


Available with optional stands, select from 150mm High basic stands to raise the lockers off the floor or 400mm High seat bench stands which allows the user to sit down whilst using the lockers.

Locker Stands


 Choice of SEVEN door colours and THREE body colours.

This product is manufactured to customer specification. Please ensure that the product size and specification that you have selected is suitable for the purposes you require as once we start manufacturing we cannot accept returns or cancellations. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
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1780mm H X 460mm W X 460mm D Single
701818 C/D-N1
1780mm H X 460mm W X 460mm D Nest of 2
701818 C/D-N2