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Golf Club Lockers


Available with Steel or wood effect laminate doors these lockers have been specifically designed for use in Golf and sports clubs for the storage of golf clubs.

The Top Locker (Type A) is a 1300 mm high locker unit with a full height door and is designed to sit on top of the Golf Bottom Locker (Type B). The Golf bottom locker is a 1300mm high unit designed with a shortened door to accomodate a golf bench without obstructing access of you golf vclubs into the bottom locker.

Locker width is 381mm with a 316mm clear access width and a unit depth of 460mm

You can choose to select these lockers with a "Golf Bench" in the following lengths to accomodatevarying quantities of lockers.

All benches are 405mm high x 305mm deep

610mm, 915mm, 1220mm, 1525mm