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NEW School Mobile Phone Charging Locker - Clear Single Door 8 compartments

NEW School Mobile Phone Charging Locker - Clear Single Door 8 compartments


NEW - School Mobile Phone Charging Locker - Clear Single Door 8 compartments

Fresh guidance has been released for schools from the UK government (February 2024), providing invaluable strategies for managing the ever-present challenge of mobile phone usage among students. This empowers headteachers to take decisive action, including the prohibition of mobile phone use throughout the entire school day, including break times. With this proactive approach, schools are fostering an environment conducive to deep learning, allowing students to thrive without the distractions of mobile devices.

Discover how successful schools are implementing innovative solutions, such as lockers equipped with charging points, ensuring phones remain outside classrooms, and productivity remains at its peak.

Product Specification
Probe products have been manufactured, to the highest standards, in the UK since 1960. All with the added protection of Activecoat anti bacterial powder coating.

Dimensions: 1000mm High at the back, 920mm at the front, 250mm wide x 180mm deep.

Compartment size: 90mm high x 192mm wide x 180mm deep

School Mobile Phone Storage Locker - Clear Single Door 8 compartments
School Mobile Phone Charging Locker - Clear Single Door 8 compartments (USB Type A & C Charging)

Fitted with a robust polycarbonate door secured by a key held only by authorised personnel, our locker ensures the safety and security of students’ phones throughout the school day.

Choose Type A cam locks with 2 keys per lock or Type B hasp & staple locks for use with your own padlocks (padlocks not included)

See lock options

Supplied with an integrated sloping top, preventing litter cluttering the space and allowing for easy cleaning. Cleanliness and tidiness are guaranteed, leaving your school corridors tidy and organised.

Tested to British Standards

Tested to British Standards

This charging version comes equipped with USB A and USB C sockets in each compartment, powered by a reliable IEC-C inlet connected to a 2-meter ‘kettle lead’ with a 10 amp fused cable.

USB Charging

Wall Mountable

Probe School Mobile Phone Lockers

All probe products come with a 7 year manufacturer warranty for your piece of mind. 

Probe Warranty

Colour Choices
Probe Mobile Phone Locker Colours

Lead Time
The lead time is approximately 20 working days for standard colours and 25 working days for optional colour range choices.

This product is manufactured to customer specification. Please ensure that the product size and specification that you have selected is suitable for the purposes you require as once we start manufacturing we cannot accept returns or cancellations. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
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1000mm H x 250mm W x 180mm D